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e harrison squab squawk is so talented. these songs are so sad and nice. and cheap so Favorite track: flipping/flipped.
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six songs written from 2008 to 2010 that have been kicked around since then. and now they are here. and i'm not entirely sure how they got here.

tracks 1-4 recorded over two separate weeks in dec. 2010 and march 2011; track 5 mostly recorded in sep. 2010; track 6 recorded in march 2010. yeah i don't know.


released March 24, 2011



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


squab squawk Santa Cruz, California

i'm AP and i'm really sloppy
The Shitty Elliott Smith™

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Track Name: our antarctic friends
It’s so fucking cold here, but we don’t mind. We’ve been here forever; we’ve adjusted to the climate in a way that you couldn’t, even if you stayed here for a while.
We’re quite fond of fish—it’s basically all we eat. Got big ol’ eggs, carry ‘em ‘round on our feet. And the offspring that hatch are adorable.

Gonna go for a swim, fast as torpedoes. Gotta escape the seals… they’re such dicks about everything. Why can’t they just leave us alone?

Then come the science men with their sunglasses and caps. They strapped fucking cameras onto our backs, for research purposes, and we were adorable.

And when it gets cold (colder than usual), well, we’re all friends—best friends for life. We’ll waddle and huddle into adorable masses.
Track Name: seem to split
although i seem to split my tongue into both ways,
i would not dream of it. (my dreams ain’t worth shit anyway)
i would not dare. i wish you would
all this sleepy shit, i mean whatever, can’t do you good

this could give me peace of mind, but it won’t, it won’t, it won’t
not for a long ol’ while. here i am travelin’ this mile.
i have been on this mile for four thousand forsaken whiles
lonely or lovely, it’s all the same to me
dreams are (rather) risky territory, and waking up is misery
but i don’t want to sleep for life. (can’t give up the strife!)

although i seem to split my tongue into both sides,
i would not dream of it, and i hope you realize it
‘fore i waste it all, all of your precious time
you’re so not worth this fall. promise me you’ll never be mine.
that’d be fine, i’ll be fine. don’t you worry ‘bout a thing.
would it give you peace of mind if i pretended not to care?
i would not dare to. oh i won’t dare.
i would not dream of daring (real talk)
don’t you dare glance at me, don’t waste your sympathy
i am just being crazy. i’ll be fine. never you mind.
don’t you worry about a thing—i’ll be fine.
Track Name: stratosphere (while on the floor)
if we could forgo our goodbyes,
i wouldn’t have to die of sadness now (because a panda dies of sadness every time you say goodbye)
but tell me, look me in the eye:
will you ever come back somehow?
because my world is so bleak without you,
and you don’t think of me unless i’m around (so don’t worry like you always do, and i’ll do my thing where i worry about you)

stay here, stick around with me
i would like to go down with you in infamy
‘cause i really can’t do this alone.
aw shit i’m so alone.

i can’t wait to see how far you’ll go
but does it have to be so far geographically? (why a stratosphere away?)
and if you’re absolutely sure that you’ll never come around
then you got to tell me now
don’t make me find out.
Track Name: flipping/flipped
i’m swinging upside down from the perch, wings outstretched
i’m gasping for water, flippin’ a shit on the shore
i’m nudging and ramming the side of this boat
and i am near you, and you are an asymptote

i broke into your house and found the door i had been looking for
but it’s been closed long before you knew what was in store
that’s what they told you to do, before you knew it’d ever stop you
so i’m jiggling this knob, but i’ll cancel the battering ram

the bar is set too high for me
and optimism ultimately fails
these broken personal promises
just show how my bitterness prevails

i don’t know how well i really know you
and i don’t know how to show how much you mean to me
but it’s too much for you (too much for anyone’s good)
you’re on this plinth and i cannot get you down

remember how i ran to your house one day
and i saw a shooting star—it broke up in the atmosphere
remember how you told me to flip a coin
i didn’t want to take the chance
i want to control this myself
but i flipped the fucker anyway
and saw the side i had not wanted to see
i saw the side i had not wanted to see
Track Name: afterwards
I told you not to go to bed fuming,
yet I ended up drifting off dejected
woke up with eyelids that killed me alive
couldn’t figure out why i cried in my dreams, but not in my sleep
and i sincerely hope that you’re not the reason
though i know that you’ve left me to die
and i’ll be sad to say goodbye
to the person who’s in love with you right now
who has been here for so long
i can’t remember anyone else.

I’m trying not to dream of the future
it just sets myself up for disappointment
because my imagination is too kind.
I try to tell it that “you can’t be this naive,”
yet there it goes.
That’s probably why I like you so much.
You bring me down to lower ground.
and still i’m sad to not have found
the logic and the motives behind your lies

(If I put towards God
the faith I have in you
I would be close to heaven guaranteed
but with you and the lord alike
i have my doubts…)
Track Name: daftness mistaken for courage
This is not the sound of giving up.
Thought I was finally done… just another mistake
but let’s see how long I can last this time
Let’s see how long it takes for you to figure it out

Though I feel like you never stopped suspecting
As much as i told you otherwise
and every time I focus love into your eyes
I wonder if you feel a thing.
Lord, I’m trying

I thought that you’d come around… oh, no.

But this is not the sound of giving up.